Friday, May 13, 2011

Roses and Ryders Birthday Boil 2011!

So, our hosts Scott and Amy Ryder are from Baton Rouge, the importance of which will become apparent in a moment.  By coincidence Amy and I (Greg) share the same birthdate, May 6th.  Ever since we figured that out, like 10 years ago, we've thrown a tandem birthday party but not just a party, a Crawfish Boil!  Scott, being from Louisiana, is an expert at the boil and owns his own rig with the propane burner, giant pot, and all the other paraphernalia.  This year, as usual, we did two sacks of crawfish, about 70 pounds (thanks, Stephen, for the wholesale hook-up!).  Meanwhile Amy, Angie, Stefon, and Erica made all sorts of delicious dishes including jambalaya, stuffed artichokes, mediteranean pasta salad, peanut butter/banana/bacon sandwiches, and even a cocktail dubbed the "Rosie Ryder".  I provided the souvenir tshirts.  As usual, we had a blast!  Good thing because we're taking next year off.
Wonder where we'll be next May?

The man of the hour, Scott aka "the Boil Master" and his trusty sidekick "Birthday Boy"

Yep, we ate those... all of them.

Dig in!

Amy and Angie's delicious jambalaya.  We ate this for days and never got enough.

Erica's stuffed artichoke in the steamer.  Yummy!

Go team!  Amy, the birthday girl, to my right.  Yep, we wear matching shirts every year.
We're just that cool.

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