Friday, November 12, 2010

Interior Redeux

We've been busy on LeTigre's interior this week.  Several things to report such as removing part of the dinette to make more interior space, expanding the bed platform, carpet, and a custom knob for the faucet.  Take a look inside!

LeTigre's dinette arrangement created a bottleneck in the center of the space and made it difficult to load the camper for trips, so out with the front bench.

Fake Tigre had an L shaped arrangement so we imitated that with a simple plywood box, borrowed some of the cushions and added a few throw pillows.
Angie be loungin'!

Angie then cut some new carpet and layed it loosely, for now, until we make a final decision on the furniture layout and flooring.

View of the bunk bed.
Vampires are all the rage so we call this "the coffin".

It was only 48" wide so I added an extension to make a true full.  Finding the right mattress has been a challenge, more on that soon.  We'll see how it goes on the next camping excursion in a couple of weeks since we're used to a king...
Is that my elbow?

Custom "shift knob" added to the faucet hand pump.
10 ball matches LeTigre's paint colors and it's 2010, if you need reasons.
I just think it's cool.

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