Friday, November 12, 2010

The Coffin Gets a Mattress!

Two updates on the same day!  I know!
It's been a real challenge to find a mattress for LeTigre's overhead bunk (the coffin) that won't interfere with the closing of the pop-top.  There's only 4" between the top and the bed platform when the top is closed!  Not only that the front is rounded at the corners (for aerodynamics...) and there's a little cabinet in the way on one side and the entry door on the other (see photos from previous update).  We improvised something for the first camping trip with a yoga mat, a camping pad, and a thin mattress pad.  I dubbed it "the Spartan special".
Angie had bruised hips after the second night.
No bueno.
So I've been looking for awhile for something that I could modify to fit and didn't want to sacrifice something new ($$$) just to find out it wouldn't work.  Well, trolling craigslist yesterday and there it was, a near new king size memory foam mattress topper 4" thick and only a mile from the house!.  The seller (thanks Brad!) was nice enough to take $50 when I told him what I was doing with it and it already had a little buggered edge which didn't matter because I was going to cut it all up.  Now we have the perfect size bed.  Once again, craigslist to the rescue.  Peruse the photos to see how to ruin (er, customize) a perfectly good memory foam mattress topper!

After rinsing and drying the garage floor I layed out my prize and started measuring.

Like butta'
No turning back now.

In and out of the van a few times, a cut here, a trim there...

And it's done!  It's so comfy, like floating on a cloud of marshmallows.
Mmmmmm marshmallows...

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