Monday, April 9, 2012

Day 6: Flora, Mississippi - Petrified Forest?

Yep, there's a petrified forest in Mississippi!

Which cost us $7 each to go in...

Cross section of a petrified log to illustrate the rings, cool!

The trees used to drift down an ancient river and get buried in silt in this area which petrified them.

That last tree, Floraoxalon, has no modern counterpart.  The nearby town is named Flora.

"Caveman's Bench"

Erosion has slowly exposed the petrified logs.

Mississippi soil is apparently the right stuff when it comes to petrifying wood...

This owl carving in petrified wood was in the gift shop and could have been had for just $3600.  Probably not a bad deal considering the material and the workmanship that went into it.

The park had a little campground too.  Just $12!

We left from Flora and drove into Alabama where we camped at Lake Lurleen, outside Tuscaloosa.  This was a beautiful spot with our own little deck overlooking the lake.

Next: Rocketville!

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