Sunday, April 1, 2012

Day 1: Lake Palestine, Texas

On the Road Again!
After a few months in Austin we've been itching to get back on the road and continue our trip.
The day finally arrived!

We're calling this Day 1 because we've been off the road for awhile and we're starting off in a new direction, East!

The team is back together!
We had to travel to Key West without Kipper and LeTigre, which was a bummer (of course, we managed to have fun, it is Key West after all).

After doing the key exchange with our new tenants at the condo (thanks Ryan and Dale!), it was time to do the last minute packing and hit the road.  Packing was much easier this time since we have the experience from our travels west to draw upon.  We know exactly what we need and we're taking nothing extra.

Willie's been ready to go for months and was getting pretty impatient... 

It was a pretty easy first day.  We drove up 79 from Austin and arrived at Lake Palestine late afternoon.  Angie discovered this great little private RV park called

Kipper definitely approved of the grass and of course took a swim in the lake.

Not bad eh?  We're about 100 feet from the water's edge.
The park is really cool and popular with fishermen.  The proprietor, Joey, must have recognized  we were on a budget when we rolled in because he let us stay no charge!
What a great start to the trip.  Can't beat Texas hospitality...

We did discover one thing we forgot... a corkscrew.  We scratched our heads for a minute trying to figure a way to get the contents out and finally just rammed the cork into the bottle with a screwdriver.  Guess we can't re-cork the bottle so we'll have to drink the whole thing... oops.
Thanks to Erika for the wine!

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