Sunday, March 18, 2012

Houston, oh Houston, We Can't Stay Away

Soooooo, we're still in Austin (Greg'll explain why later).  And while we'd love to be back on the road, being here has given us the chance to attend some events that we would've otherwise missed, like our nephew's birthday party (masquerading as a crawfish boil)!  So we drove to Houston again (this was my 3rd trip and Greg's 4th since January!) and chowed down.....

(Disclaimer: this post will be 100% comprised of family pictures and mud bugs, so avert your eyes if that bores you and/or if you're hungry)

My bro, Jeremy.

Greg likes him too.

The 3-year old reason for the festivities, Jax!!  He didn't quite know what to make of the crawfish, 

so his big brother, Jett, helped him out.  That's my sis-in-law, Jackie (from Louisiana!), in the background.  They like the letter "J."

 And, soon, the lil critters were put out of their misery.

 Chef Dougie

Dig in!  They ain't gonna peel themselves!!

very tiny action shot

Sis' in-law Holly and Olivia, a few more years, she'll be peeling like a pro

After all the bugs were gone, we went to a local bar for a few games of pool.  Fortunately, the bar is right next door to an ER.  That was some good planning!

We probably won't be going back through Houston for a while.  Our trip (which WILL happen!!!) will take us north and east, so I'm glad we got to see some of my Houston peeps while we had the chance.  Love y'all!

P.S.  Like a good aunt, I made sure Jax has some UT garb in his closet.  The hat's a bit big, but provides plenty of sun protection!  Happy birthday, Jax!!

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