Friday, March 9, 2012

Austin Fun!

Still in Austin!
We've been pretty busy dealing with some real estate stuff... more on that in a future post.
In the meantime, this is what we've been up to....

"Ima Wanderer" (vintage '66 Airstream Globetrotter) with Nancy and Jason.
This photo actually took place in Houston but the trailer now resides in Austin.  Ima could have a blog all to herself because she's got stories.  Our good friend and surrogate mom, Nancy, has owned Ima forever and was reluctantly looking for a new home for her.  Angie and I were about to take custody of Ima and mothball her until we were re-settled and had time (and funds...) for a project.  But then Scott introduced us to Jason, a photographer, who was looking for a small vintage Airstream to convert into a photo booth for weddings.  (Jason and Scott met at "The Gingerman" an awesome local pub ...check it out!).  Jason was about to purchase another trailer for his photo booth but discovered it was too rough, so rather than let Ima sit idle any longer we put Jason together with Nancy!
Ima should be prowling the streets of Austin soon and attending weddings all over town!

Between helping find homes for old Airstreams, we've been catching up with friends and family.
Dinner at Enoteca with Lee, visiting from Colorado, and my mom.  

Lee came to Austin to visit and discuss options for getting a computer so we went ahead and just ambushed her with one.  Poor thing spent three days getting a crash course in MS Word, email, and internet!  She's getting the hang of it quickly though.  After all, she was a programmer before she retired!

Heeyyy Ladies!
Debra was in town unexpectedly, from Flagstaff, and we got to hang out with Heather too!

Heather introduced us to probably our favorite new bar, "The White Horse", a honky tonkish place that reminds us of our nights working at "The Black Cat Lounge" (R.I.P.).
Incidentally, I met Angie at the Black Cat...
Sweet choppers parked out front, just like the Cat.

Inside "The White Horse".
Fill this room with a cloud of cigarette smoke and you'd think you were back at the Black Cat.
There was even an ice-filled trough in the men's room!
Angie's theory is it's a color + animal name thing... time warp... bar reincarnation... maybe both?

Under the big top with Scott and Amy at "Cheer-Up Charlies"...

...where we went to see "New Roman Times," one of our favorite local bands.

Josie doing her thing!

Another great Austin band, "The White White Lights"

I would totally make this into an RV...

Stefon and Ali at the new "Corner Bar."  (no website yet, but pretty cool and the beer's CHEAP!)

Sheesh, someone should really bus that table...

Don't worry, we're not spending all our time in bars.... can't afford to!
We're definitely not starving either as this plate at Eric and Cari's dinner party illustrates.

This girl is gonna break some hearts...

A bunch of our favorite people all in the same place!
(Eric's behind the camera)

I look at this photo and it reminds me how rich we are... with friends.
Thanks everyone

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  1. Aw yay! What a fun way to usher in al fresco dining season. Hey that plate of food looks pretty yummers! So happy when we land on your trail...