Monday, February 13, 2012

Disney World and Epcot!

So, after a nice morning at the beach on St. Joseph Peninsula we headed towards
Winter Garden, near Orlando, to visit my cousins, Michelle and Kyle, and to meet Michelle's husband Sean.

On the way, we checked out downtown Winter Garden, which has a great little Heritage Museum... 

and a Railroad Museum!

Before Walt Disney came to town the big industry was citrus, until several major freezes wiped out the groves.  These are all the different labels for the dozens of different orange growers that were once in the area.

While at the Heritage Museum, Angie felt compelled to crawl under the receptionist's desk...

Once Angie was done under the desk, we headed over to Michelle and Sean's.  Sean grilled up some delicious steaks for dinner before heading off to work the night shift at Disney.  We hung out catching up with Michelle and Kyle.

Next morning we got an early start and Sean used his Disney magic and got us all into the park for free!
Kyle, Michelle, myself, and Angie enjoying a little monorail ride!  I think this was the last time we sat down, unless we were on a ride, the rest of the day...

We're in!  The Man and his Mouse greet us...

"Frontier " Donald made us feel right at home.

Jungle boat ride with giant fake python!

Pirates of the Caribbean!

Fun with guns!

Mickey's PhilharMagic in 3D!

Mickey and Minnie's parade with the whole gang!

Tea Cups!

More Tea Cups!!

The Haunted House!

The Hall of Presidents!
Whoa, wha?  Yep, no trip to Disney World would be complete without a visit to the Hall of Presidents (we were surprised at how many educational rides/exhibits are in Disney World.  Walt was big on education, especially in science and history).  This was especially cool because Sean is an electrician on the crew that maintains the full size animatronic presidents!
Oh, and I should mention he had just gotten off work at 7AM and then turned around and went back to the park with us, no sleep!  MVP!

There're 44 robotic figures for all 44 presidents and they all have movements and a few talk!

Everyone gets their game faces on to help Buzz Lightyear battle Zurg... we won.

Space Mountain!

Acres of strollers!
Nope, Disney World is not just for adults.

Since we were guided by Disney veterans, we had plenty of time to head over to Epcot.  Not only does Sean work at Disney but Michelle had also interned there in college so we were in good hands!  They knew ALL the best things to do and the best ways to do them.

Around the world by soda!

Viva Mexico and their tasty margaritas!

Beers in Deutschland!

Limoncello in Italia!

Another beer in England!

Canada is right next door so we walked over to hear the band

Using their pixie dust magic powers again, Sean and Michelle got us some special tickets that let us skip to the front of the line for "Soarin".  I can't really begin to describe Soarin.  Google it and you'll find some youtube videos but what they can't convey is the crazy apparatus you're strapped in that makes you feel like you're flying!
It was awesome!

And the perfect end to our day.
Night night big weird Epcot globe thing...

The Gang:
Me, Michelle, Sean, Angie, and Kyle

Thanks y'all for an awesome visit!!!

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