Sunday, January 30, 2011

Lake Somerville, part deaux

We went back out to Lake Somerville last weekend, this time to celebrate Joel's birthday!  We couldn't get there until Saturday, so we only spent one night, but it was worth it and very nice to see everybody.  Also, we got to try out our new awning!  Thanks Jason and Kay!

And we got to see Holly and Joel's new pop-up.
They call her "Mac."  She's ENORMOUS.  The Tiger could fit inside her with room to spare. 

But, it closes up nice and tight.

Good thing Mac was there, because it was frigid that night.  Holly and Joel were nice enough to invite us all inside so we could eat without getting frostbite.  Here's Holly doing her best to stay warm before dinner......

..........while the guys cooked up some MEAT!
Yum.  You really work up an appetite out in nature! 

It was a short little jaunt, but we had a good time.  On the way home, we checked out our next Texas adventure, Bastrop State Park.  It's super close and very pretty.  It's a completely different landscape than the rest of Texas.  A looooooong time ago, a glacier brought a bunch of earth from Colorado and deposited it near what is now Bastrop.  So the land around there looks more like Colorado.

The park is really cool.  It was done back in the 30's and there are all these cute little stone cabins built into the hills.  Of course, we won't be staying in one of those.  But they sure are neat!

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