Sunday, January 9, 2011

.....and the countdown begins........

....but not before the craziness ensues! 

We moved. 

Why oh why would we do such a silly and stressful thing when we're leaving in 6 months?  Well, it's quite simple: one side of our duplex (rental property we own) was going to be available January 1 and we still didn't have any takers by mid-December.  We decided to see what would happen if we tried to rent our house.  Shamalamadingdong!  It rented FAST so once all our holiday visitors cleared out on December 27th, we started packing.....

(Even after all our purging, we still have so much STUFF!!!!!)

.....played at Club DeVille on Jan 2........
(CD Release on Feb 5th at the ND!) 

.....and moved on Jan 3.   
Capital Movers Moving Tips
(Capital Movers was great.  Thanks Capital Movers!)

Our house is rented short term to a nice family who are looking for a house to buy in the neighborhood.  We did a 3-month lease with an option to go month to month for 2 additional months, which means we could be moving again in 3 to 5 months.  But we left the utilities on and didn't even change our address (we'll just go by and check the mail occasionally), so it's a little easier than a full-on move. 

It sure is........empty! 

Man, were we sad to leave our little house!!  It was quite emotional which caught us (well, me anyway) by surprise.   But it will be worth it because a month of vacancy would have gouged our trip money (a BIG no no!).  The sudden move has also been an opportunity to do another major purge and to get the duplex back in shape for new tenants.  2 dudes and a dog have lived there for 2 years so it was quite the "Man Cave".  It wasn't showing well at all, so no surprise it didn't rent.   We're already elbow deep in getting the duplex back in tip top shape and it's lookin' good! 

BTW, Kipper, Slink, and LeTigre are adjusting to the move quite well.  We tried to find a home for Slink before we moved so she wouldn't have to move twice, but to no avail.  She's still looking for another family that will love her as much as her present one does!!

DAYS TO GO:  169

P.S.  Happy birthday Joel!!

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