Friday, October 6, 2023

Random Road Trip 2023! Stop 5 New River Gorge National Park

 If you haven't visited New River Gorge National Park you need to!

People have been rafting here for decades but it was just christened a National Park in 2020.

In addition to river rafting the area is dotted with great trails and overlooks.

The New River runs North so the water flowing thru the gorge passed Steve's place in VA!
Highly recommend Cantrell if you want to raft.

This madman was our guide
Too Tall Terry
"Triple T!"

Don't worry Angie is in the river intentionally.
There were a couple of stretches calm enough to go for a swim.

People bungee and base jump from the bridge!

What a great day!
Thanks Terry and Cantrell

Lot's of great hiking trails and the weather was amazing too!
Get to the Gorge!!

Random Road Trip 2023! Stop 4 Cousin Steve's in VA

 Just a short few hours drive and we were at my Cousin Steve's!

Steve lives in Southern Virginia by the New River.

We visited way back in 2016 and were overdue for a visit!

Apparently we were having so much fun we neglected to take many photos... oops

Steve is a great cook and has an amazing garden.  He and Isabella spoiled us with great food, hospitality, and showed us all over the corner of Virginia they call home.

This stream is just a short drive from his house.

Little hike in the National Forest.
Steve knows every tree and plant in the area.

Steve showing Angie a local cave.  We didn't even have a flashlight with us so this is as far as we got...

This is a trout farm in the area

Steve lives on a few acres in the country but he also owns an old brick building that was originally a bank!

Just like back in 2016 we got out on the New River for a little float.
Thanks again Steve!

Sunday, October 1, 2023

Random Road Trip 2023! Stop 3 Asheville

 We would have lingered a little while longer in the Ozarks but we had an invitation to see some friends in Asheville, NC that had an expiration date so we booked it there ASAP.

Bryan and Ania were visiting Jeff and Jane outside Asheville so we got to spend a night at their place and had a great meal together at Curate.

Thanks Y'all!

We spent a few days in the area hiking at various stops off the Blue Ridge Parkway and at DuPont State Park

See that little tower?

There it is.  We hiked up to that.

When we weren't getting our butts kicked by North Carolina trails we were eating and drinking.

White Duck Tacos

Hillman Beer

Gingers Revenge

We loved Asheville and look forward to returning!