Saturday, February 13, 2016

Stuck Island...

We're still in Key West, technically Stock Island, the neighboring island.

I like to call it "Stuck Island" because we can't leave until the weather is absolutely perfect, which might never happen!  It's a nice place to be stuck so I'm not complaining.  We have everything we need and are learning a lot talking to experienced cruisers.  Mainly that our timing is wrong to attempt the Bahamas and the weather pattern has been unusual on top of that.  In the meantime we're reading cruising guides and gathering all the documentation that we didn't know we needed.  There's a decal for the boat, a boater's card for us, a Bahamian permit for Kipper, and we're waiting for our USCG documentation paperwork, for Wings, to catch up with us.  The marina has been very accommodating, considering we didn't have a reservation, and this is the busy season.  We have to change slips occasionally but they always find somewhere to put us!

Here's some photos of where we're spending most of our time:

Most of the marina looks like this.

Some of the local charter catamarans and fishing boats.

There's also a fleet of shrimp boats nearby...

...and a boat yard across the way.

We've been watching this Wharram designed "Tiki 30" take shape over in the boat yard.
The owner built it from scratch over a year and just launched it!

On the other end of the spectrum are yachts such as "Erica" from New Zealand.  179 feet long, 130 foot tall mast, and a 15 foot deep keel...

...and the mega motor yacht, "Atomic".

Teak decks, very classy...

There's a dog park...

...a community garden with this cool rain water cistern...

...and a flock of Guinea Hens?

Of course, feral roosters and hens are everywhere, it wouldn't be Key West without them!

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