Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ladies and Gentleman... LeTigre Has Left the Building

After some emotional deliberation (there were tears...), Angie and I decided it was in LeTigre's best interest to pass her on to a new owner that could give her the love and attention that she deserves.  Since getting back to Austin (almost a year ago!) we've been busy with the tasks that accompany life off the road so she's been sadly neglected.  Rather than be selfish and let her fade away we decided it was time to set her free to take someone else on new adventures.

The sale of LeTigre brings our road trip odyssey full circle, since it began with her purchase almost exactly three years ago.  So, I thought a little photographic walk down memory lane, highlighting our time on the road with LeTigre, would be appropriate.

I get the feeling that she'll be revisiting a lot of these places.  I hope so.

Bon voyage, LeTigre!  We'll miss you!

So long...  friend.


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  1. SNIFF!! I lost it half way through this post and I didn't even ride in her. Keep on keepin on, LeTigre!