Thursday, March 31, 2011


Even while we're furiously packing and unpacking and moving and cleaning and looking for tenants and working our 9-5 jobs and freaking out over gas prices and figuring out a route and trying not to worry about what we're going to do when we get back from the trip, we make time to enjoy being a part of Candi and the Strangers.  A couple of weeks ago, that included SXSW, which Candi and the Strangers was fortunate enough to play (along with three other gigs that week!).   

Our official showcase was a lot of fun.  We played with Miila and the Geeks, from Japan; Go Chic, from Taiwan; Carsick Cars, from China, Chateau Marmont, from France; and Cadence Weapon, from Canada.  It was very cool to be a part of such an international group of bands!!  And in between gigs, we were able to take full advantage of all things SXSW. 

Supposedly, this was the most attended festival to date, and I believe it, it was packed!!  There were over 60,000 people registered for the conferences, and that doesn't include all the volunteers and bands that were in town, or the people who came out to enjoy all the free stuff.  The estimate is that there were over 120,000 people in town for SXSW this year.  Good grief.

Obviously, parking was an issue.  We took the bus....and so did everybody else...

Since we were actually part of SXSW this year, we got to take advantage of all the perks!  Which I guess includes being able to lounge around on pillows.....

I was super excited to see all kinds of exotic instruments, including the rarely seen, but much loved KEYTAR!!!

And, of course, the elusive Omnichord.  I thought Candi and the Strangers had a monopoly on the Omnichord, but apparently, one escaped to go live with Foster the People...........  

.....which Greg dubbed the "grown-up boy band."   They were popular, though!!

Here's us, setting up at Arthouse for an art exhibit called "Rehearsal at the Astoria".  This was actually our second time to play this exhibit, which puts the rehearsal process on public display.

And this is my preparation for the day party at Highball!

Later that night, Greg and I checked out The Dollyrots.  I'm a fan. 
And they're funny.

And these guys, WhoMadeWho, were also really good.
I thought they were dressed like this because they're from Denmark, but I looked them up, and this is their thing...they just like doing different costumes.

As you can imagine, we didn't eat very well that week.  Fortunately, I made some crawfish bisque that kept us first time making a roux that didn't break!!!  yum

It was an awesome week -- so much fun, so many bands, so many people, a great energy in the city.  Maybe we'll be in town for it next year......

P.S.  This is Kipper, forgetting that there's a doggie door, looking forlorn that he's not inside with his buddy Tex.  Kipper's part Border Collie, but I think it's only the bottom part.

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