Monday, October 18, 2010

Greg has a confession...

I've been unfaithful to Le Tigre.  I was tempted by the charms of another, only to find that they were mere illusion.  I've come to my senses and begged forgiveness.  Le Tigre has taken me back on the condition that I punish the imposter.

But seriously, they made at least two of these in 1988.  We know because we own them both.  I found Tiger deux, we'll call her "Fake Tigre", in Minneapolis.  Another great deal, or so I thought.  Fake Tigre includes additional options such as a shower, water heater, and toilet that our more basic Le Tigre didn't get at the factory.  Fake Tigre was the same price as Le Tigre and looked great in photos but proved to be much more of a project than I was led to believe.  Not only that she developed some mechanical issues on the drive home from Minneapolis, although we did make it.  Fake Tigre has proven useful and already provided several items to Le Tigre such as a new set of tires, curtains, and other little bits.  I've really come to appreciate the simplicity of Le Tigre.  Here's a few photos of the bumper sitckers that were on each Tiger when purchased to illustrate their personality differences.

Le Tigre Lover...

Aahhhh, more good vibes...

Woah, Fake Tigre angry

My Mom accompanied me to Minneapolis to assist with the driving (1200 miles / 20 hours straight) Thanks Mom!!!  We spent the night with my cousin, Chris and his family.  They made the trip totally worthwile and we'll definitely be mooching on their hospitality more in the future.  Awesome breakfast! 
Thanks Chris and Diana!

Oh, and I should mention, today is me and Angie's 13th anniversary so I'm only fickle when it comes to vehicles.

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