Sunday, August 22, 2010

Fridge Update

It works!!!!

And we didn't have to fix anything or do any crazy RV magic, it just works!  And it's always worked, we just weren't letting it cool down long enough.  So,when we left it alone for 3 hours, it started to cool.  The propane works, the 12 volt works, and the 110 volt works. 


And, as far as my adversion to the idea of sleeping 2 feet away from boiling ammonia and hydrogen gas (when it's running on propane): my grandfather said that when he was a little boy, his mom bought a new fridge that ran on gas and it was wonderful.  He even remembers the little blue flame, just like the one on our fridge, so I guess I can't be too scared of it.  After all, the engines in cars are just as crazy--millions of teeny tiny little explosions of gas propelling the car forward!  Yikes.  Kinda scary when you think about it.

So.....let's not.

Oh, and Greg found the fuse box too.  It's all coming up Roses!

UPDATE #2.....  Greg read this and told me that the boiling ammonia/hydrogen gas situtation happens with all three power sources of the fridge, the 12 volt, 110 volt, AND the propane...not JUST the propane.  Good to know, good to know!

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